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the past tensenoun [ S ]

uk /ˌpɑːst ˈtens/ us /ˌpæst ˈtens/

used to describe verb forms in many languages used for actions that have now finished. It is used by some people to refer to the past simple in English.

Add -ed to all these verbs to put them in the past tense. 把所有這些動詞都加上 -ed,使其變成過去時態。
I think her husband must be dead - she always talks about him in the past tense. 我想她丈夫一定是死了——她談到他時老是用過去時態。

More examples

  • How do you say that in the past tense?
  • The perfect form is just one way of forming the past tense in English.
  • Some verbs have an irregular past tense.
  • 'made' is the past tense of 'make'.
  • The past tense of regular verbs is generally formed by adding -ed.

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