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ploughnoun [ C ]

UK US plow uk /plaʊ/ us /plaʊ/

a large farming tool with blades that digs the soil in fields so that seeds can be planted

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under the plough formal

If land is under the plough, crops are grown on it.

These fields have been under the plough for centuries. 這些田地已耕種了好幾個世紀了。

ploughverb [ I or T ]

UK US plow uk /plaʊ/ us /plaʊ/

to dig land with a plough

Farmers start ploughing in the spring. 春天農民開始耕種。
We're going to plough the top field next week. 我們下周要耕種山頂上的那塊地。
Large areas of grazing land have been ploughed up to grow wheat. 大片的牧場被開墾出來種小麥。

the Ploughnoun [ S ]

uk /plaʊ/ us /plaʊ/ UK US the Big Dipper

a group of seven bright stars that can only be seen in the northern part of the world


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