Translation of "thing" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (IDEA/EVENT) 想法/事件 uk us /θɪŋ/

[ C ] used to refer in an approximate way to an idea, subject, event, action,

That was an unkind thing to say. 那樣說是不友好的。
I've got so many things to do I don't know where to start. 我有許多事情要做,都不知道從何下手。
Your information is correct but you left out one thing. 你的消息是正確的,不過你遺漏了一件事。
"What's the matter?" "It's this insurance thing. I'm really worried about it." 「怎麼回事?」「是保險這事。我真的很擔心。」
the thing [ C ]

the exact fact, object, idea, event,

Your letter has told me precisely the thing I needed to know. 你的信裡正好有我想瞭解的東西。
the real thing

something which is not false or a copy

The fire alarm goes off accidentally so often that when it's the real thing (= when it really does happen) nobody will take any notice. 火災報警器常常瞎響,到時候真的著火時,發警報也沒有人會注意了。
the same thing

the same

Training isn't the same thing as education. 訓練與教育並不一樣。
the whole thing

everything that has been planned or discussed

Let's call the whole thing off. 此事就此作罷吧。
I want to forget the whole thing. 我想忘掉這一切。
above all things

more than everything else

I value my freedom above all things. 我把自由看得比甚麼都重要。
in all things

in every situation or subject; in everything

Be true to yourself in all things. 任何時候都要堅持按自己的想法做。
if there's one thing I want to know/find out, etc.

said before describing what it is that you especially want to know or discover,

If there's one thing I want to know, it's where he goes on Thursday afternoons. 有一件事我想知道,那就是他每個星期四下午都到哪裡去了。

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