Translation of "time" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (OCCASION) 時候 uk us /taɪm/

[ C ] an occasion or period, or the experience connected with it

The last time we went to Paris, it rained every day. 上次我們去巴黎的時候,每天都下雨。
Every time/Each time I ask you to do something, you always say you're too busy. 每次我叫你做事,你都說太忙。
They go swimming three or four times a week. 他們每週去游泳三四次。
There are times when I wish I didn't live where I do. 有時我真希望我不是住在現在的地方。
The UK four-times/US four-time champion (= the person who had been the winner on four occasions in the past) was unexpectedly defeated in the second round of the competition. 這名曾四度奪冠的選手出人意料地在比賽的第二輪就被打敗了。
If I'd known at the time (= then) that she was his former wife, I'd never have said what I did. 我當時要是知道她是他前妻的話,我就不會那樣說了。
Sometimes I enjoy my English lessons, but at other times (= on other occasions) I find them really boring. 有時我很喜歡英語課,但有時也感覺很枯燥。
For the umpteenth/hundredth/thousandth time, (= I've told you on many occasions to) stop hitting your sister. 我無數次/上百次/上千次告訴過你,別再打你妹妹。
Did you have a bad/good time (= an unenjoyable/enjoyable experience) at the conference? 你在大會上感到不舒服/舒服嗎?
She had an easy/hard time of it (= a comfortable/uncomfortable experience) with the birth of her second baby. 她生第二個孩子時很順利/艱難。
at all times


When you're at the airport, you should make sure you have your luggage with you at all times. 在機場,要把行李一直帶在你身邊。
at (any) one time (also at a time, also at any given time)

at or during any particular point or moment in the day

Only a certain number of people are allowed in the building at any one time. 該建築任何時候都只允許一定數量的人員在內。
I'm sorry, but I'm too busy to help you now - I can only do one thing at a time. 對不起,我現在太忙了,不能幫你——我一次只能做一件事。
at times


You can be really annoying at times, you know. 要知道,你有時很令人惱火。
the times UK

on many occasions

The times I've told you, ask before you borrow my clothes. 我已經告訴你許多次了,在借用我的衣服之前要先問一聲。

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