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uk /tɪp/ us /tɪp/ -pp-

tip verb (ONE SIDE HIGHER)

C2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) move so that one side is higher than another side

The table tipped, and all our drinks fell on the floor. 桌子翻了,結果我們的所有飲料都掉在地上。
If you put too many books on one end of the shelf, it'll tip up. 如果你在書架的一頭放太多書,書架就會翻掉。
Don't tip your chair back like that, you'll fall. 不要那樣向後仰椅子,你會翻倒的。
tip the scales at

to weigh

The baby tipped the scales at 3.75 kg. 嬰兒稱得體重為3.75公斤。

tip verb (POUR)

C2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] UK US dump to pour a substance from one container into another or onto a surface

She tipped the contents of her purse out onto the table. 她把錢包裡的東西倒在桌子上。
He tipped his breakfast cereal into a bowl. 他把早餐麥片倒入碗中。
The child picked up the box and tipped the toys out all over the floor. 孩子撿起盒子,把裡面的玩具倒了一地。
be tipping (it) down UK informal

When it is tipping it down, a lot of rain is falling.

We won't be able to go to the beach today - it's tipping it down. 我們今天無法去海灘了——雨下得很大。

tip verb (END)

[ T usually passive ] to cover the end of something pointed with a liquid, a colour, etc.

The giraffe was killed with a spear that had been tipped with poison. 長頸鹿是被尖上塗有毒藥的長矛殺死。

tip verb (PAYMENT)

[ I or T ] to give someone who has provided you with a service an extra amount of money to thank them

The taxi driver was so rude to her that she didn't tip him. 計程車司機對她很無禮,所以她沒有給他小費。
[ + two objects ] They tipped the waiter £5. 他們給了這個服務員五英鎊小費。

tip verb (INFORMATION)

[ T often passive ] mainly UK to say that someone is likely to be successful or achieve something

He is being tipped as the next prime minister. 據稱,他有可能成為下一任首相。
[ + to infinitive ] Davis is being tipped to win the championship. 據稱,戴維斯有可能奪得冠軍。

tip verb (RUBBISH)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] UK US dump to get rid of rubbish by putting it in a place where it should not be

A lot of waste is being tipped into the sea. 大量廢棄物正被傾入海中。
The sign by the side of the road said "No tipping". 路邊的標牌上寫著「不准傾倒垃圾」。

tipnoun [ C ]

uk /tɪp/ us /tɪp/

tip noun [ C ] (INFORMATION)

B1 a useful piece of information, especially about how to do something or about the likely winner of a race or competition

gardening/cooking/sewing tips 關於園藝/烹飪/縫紉的指導
She gave me a useful/helpful/valuable/practical tip about/for growing tomatoes. 她給了我種植西紅柿的有用/有益/寶貴/實用的指點。
I've got a hot tip for you (= I can tell you about a particular likely winner of a race or competition, or give you a valuable piece of information). 我能告訴你最新內幕消息。

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tip noun [ C ] (PAYMENT)

B1 a small amount of money given to someone who has provided you with a service, in addition to the official payment and for their personal use

a 15 percent tip 15% 的小費
He gave the porter a tip. 他給搬運工人小費。
We don't need to leave a tip for the waiter, because there's a service charge included in the bill. 我們不必給服務員留小費,因為帳單已經包括了服務費。

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tip noun [ C ] (END)

C1 the usually pointed end of something, especially something that is long and thin

We had asparagus tips for dinner. 我們晚飯吃了蘆筍尖。
If I stand on the tips of my toes, I can just reach the top shelf. 如果踮起腳尖的話,我剛好能碰到書架頂層。
The Keys are coral islands off the southern tip of Florida. 基斯群島是佛羅裡達半島南端以外的一群珊瑚島。
There's paint on the tip of your nose. 你的鼻尖上有油漆。

a small part fitted to the end of something, especially something that is long and thin

a walking cane with a metal tip 包有金屬頭的手杖
the filter tip of a cigarette 香煙過濾嘴

tip noun [ C ] (RUBBISH)

C2 UK US also UK dump a place where especially large pieces of rubbish can be taken and left

a rubbish/waste tip 垃圾/廢棄物堆放場
We need to take this old carpet to the tip. 我們得把這條舊地毯扔到垃圾場去。
informal This room is a complete/absolute/real tip (= is very untidy) - tidy it up at once. 這個房間完全/絕對/簡直是個垃圾場——馬上把它清理乾淨。

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