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uk /ˈtaɪ.təl/ us /ˈtaɪ.t̬əl/

title noun (NAME)

B1 [ C ] the name of a film, book, painting, piece of music, etc.

The title of Evelyn Waugh's first novel was "Decline and Fall". 伊芙琳‧沃的第一部小說名為《衰落與瓦解》。
And this next record is the title track from the album ".The Red Shoes". (= the piece of music and the record are both called "The Red Shoes"). 下一首歌的歌名就是與專輯同名的《紅鞋子》。
titles [ plural ] also credits

the information given at the end or beginning of a film or television programme, stating the names of the people who acted in it or were involved in its production


[ C ] specialized publishing a book

Last year we published over a hundred new titles. 去年我們出版了100多種新書。

More examples

  • The author's name was printed below the title.
  • Put the title of the article in quotes.
  • There was a book I wanted to buy, but now I can't remember the title.
  • Some visitors to art galleries spent most of their time studying the titles of the paintings, rather than the paintings themselves.
  • She ruled two red lines under the title and then sat for a long time, thinking what to write.

title noun (PERSON)

[ C ] a word that is used before someone's name, stating their social rank, qualifications, position in an organization, sex, etc.

What's her title - is she Professor or Doctor? 她的頭銜是甚麼——是教授或只是博士?
He will retain the honorary title of non-executive chairman. 他將保留非執行主席這個名譽頭銜。
What's your job title now - are you managing director? 你現在的職位是甚麼——是總經理嗎?

More examples

  • She has no rightful claim to the title.
  • It is a hereditary title, so Mark Howard will become Sir Mark Howard on his father's death.
  • Before she married Charles, her title was Lady Diana Spencer.

title noun (SPORTS PRIZE)

C2 [ C ] the position you get by beating all other competitors in a sports competition

Joe Louis won the heavyweight boxing title in 1937. 經過緊張的35局決賽後,亨德利贏得世界撞球冠軍。

title noun (LEGAL RIGHT)

[ U ] the legal right to own a piece of land or a building, or a document that proves this right

If you wish to sell the property, you will first have to prove your title to it. 如果你想要出售房產,你首先必須證明你對它擁有所有權。

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