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uk /tɒp/ us /tɑːp/

top noun (HIGHEST PART)

A2 [ C ] the highest place or part

She waited for me at the top of the stairs. 她在樓梯梯頂位置等我。
There were flags on the tops of many of the buildings. 許多大樓的樓頂都有旗子。
There was a pile of books on top of (= on) the table. 桌上有一堆書。

[ C ] the flat upper surface of something

The top of the table/desk was badly scratched. 桌面/課桌面劃得很厲害。

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top noun (CLOTHES)

B1 [ C ] any piece of light clothing worn on the part of the body above the waist

a skimpy top 暴露的上裝
a pyjama top 睡衣上裝
I need a top to go with these trousers. 我需要一件上衣配這條褲子。

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top noun (LID)

C1 [ C ] the cover or lid used to close a container or pen

a screw-on top 螺旋蓋
a bottle top 瓶蓋
a pen top 筆帽

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the top C2 [ S ]

the most important position in a group or organization

At 40, he was at the top of his profession. 40歲時,他處於職場生涯的頂峰。
Life at the top is stressful. 身居高位壓力很大。

top noun (TOY)

[ C ] a spinning top


top noun (LEAVES)

tops [ plural ]

the leaves of a vegetable plant grown mainly for its roots

We fed the rabbit some beetroot tops. 我們拿一些甜菜葉子餵這隻兔子。
If you put carrot tops in water they start to grow. 胡蘿蔔葉子放在水中就會生長。

topadjective [ before noun ]

uk /tɒp/ us /tɑːp/

top adjective [ before noun ] (HIGHEST PART)

B1 [ before noun ] at the highest part of something

There's a dirty mark on the top left-hand corner of the picture. 照片的左上角有一處汙跡。
The offices are on the top floor of the building. 辦公室在大樓的頂層。
He was standing on the top rung of a ladder. 他站在梯子的最高一級。
The ball curled into the top corner of the net.

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top adjective [ before noun ] (UPPER PART)

in the part nearest to the highest part; in the upper part

The top few steps were damaged and broken. 上面幾級梯級受損斷了。

topadjective, adverb

uk /tɒp/ us /tɑːp/

B1 (in the position of being) most important or successful; best

So what would be your top choice of a place to go on holiday? 那麼你渡假的首選地是哪裡?
As a chess player he's among the top ten percent in the country. 他的國際象棋水準居該國前10%之列。

B1 Top people, organizations, or activities are the most important or successful ones.

top athletes/executives 頭號選手/頂級經理人
top jobs 高級職位
top schools 一流大學
at top speed

as fast as possible

The train thundered through the station at top speed. 火車全速隆隆地駛過車站。
be/come top

B2 UK to be the student with the best results

She came top (of the class) in English. 她在班裡英語成績最好。
Sam was top at/in Science. 薩姆自科學課考了第一。
on top form UK US in top form

feeling or doing things as well as possible

Paul's back on top form after his illness. 保羅病癒後又恢復到了最佳狀態。

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topadjective, exclamation

uk /tɒp/ us /tɑːp/ UK informal


"How was your party?" "Top, mate." 「你的派對怎麼樣?」「好得很,老兄。」
"You coming, then? " "Yeah, top!" 「這麼說,你要來?」「是的,太好了!」


uk /tɒp/ us /tɑːp/ -pp-

top verb (HIGHEST PART)

C2 [ T ] also top off to be on the upper surface of something, especially as a decoration

The dessert was topped off with whipped cream and pieces of fruit. 這份甜點上塗了鮮奶油,放了幾塊水果。

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C2 [ T ] to be the most important, most successful, etc.

The song topped the charts (= sold the largest number of recordings) for five weeks. 這張唱片五周以來一直位居銷售排行榜之首。
She topped the bill (= was the most important act in the show). 她是主演。

top verb (BEST)

[ T ] to do, pay, etc. more or better than anyone else

"They've offered me £1,000." "I'm afraid we can't top that." 「他們給我開價1000英鎊。」「恐怕我們不能再高過這個價了。」
She topped my suggestion with an even better one of her own. 她自己提出了一個建議,甚至比我的還好。

top verb (KILL)

top yourself UK slang

to kill yourself



uk /tɒp-/ us /tɑːp-/

used with many different words to mean "best"

a top-class athlete 一流運動員
top-ranking officers 高級官員

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