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touristnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈtʊə.rɪst/ /ˈtɔː.rɪst/ us /ˈtʊr.ɪst/

A2 someone who visits a place for pleasure and interest, usually while on holiday

Millions of tourists visit Rome every year. 每年有數百萬遊客來到羅馬。
Hordes (= very large groups) of tourists flock to the Mediterranean each year. 每年都有潮水般的遊客湧向地中海。
Disneyworld is one of Florida's major tourist attractions. 迪士尼樂園是佛羅裡達州的主要旅遊景點之一。
The island is very busy during the tourist season. 這個島在旅遊旺季很繁忙。

UK a member of a sports team who is travelling from place to place in a foreign country, playing games

The West Indies easily defeated the tourists. 西印度群島隊輕而易舉地打敗了前來打巡迴比賽的對手。

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