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uk /træk/ us /træk/

track noun (PATH)

C1 [ C or U ] the pair of long metal bars fixed on the ground at an equal distance from each other, along which trains travel

a ten-mile stretch of track 十英里長的鐵軌
Passengers are requested not to walk across the tracks. 乘客不得穿越鐵軌。

B1 [ C ] UK a path or rough road that is made of soil rather than having a surface covered with stone or other material

The house is at the end of a dirt/an unmade track. 房子在一條泥土路/尚未鋪好的小路的盡頭。

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track noun (SPORT)

B1 [ C ] a type of path or road, often in the shape of a ring, that has been specially designed and built for sports events, especially racing

an all-weather track 全天候賽道
a dog/horse track 賽狗/馬的跑道
The runners are now on their final lap of the track. 賽跑選手正在跑最後一圈。
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B2 [ U ] US a sport in which people compete with each other by running a race on a specially prepared circular path

a track event 徑賽
Sam runs track on the high school team.

[ U ] US also track and field, UK athletics the general name for a particular group of sports in which people compete, including running, jumping, and throwing


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track noun (MARKS)

B2 [ C usually plural ] a mark or line of marks left on the ground or on another surface by an animal, person, or vehicle that has moved over it, showing the direction they moved in

Police found tyre tracks in the mud. 警方在泥地裡發現了輪胎印。
The hunters followed the tracks of the deer for hours. 獵人循著鹿的腳印追了幾個小時。
The burglars were careful not to leave any tracks behind them. 盜賊小心翼翼地不留下任何蹤跡。
be on the track of sb/sth

to be examining marks or pieces of information that show where a person or animal has gone, in order to catch him, her, or it

The police are on the track of the killer. 警方正在追蹤該殺人犯。

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track noun (DIRECTION)

[ C ] the direction that something has taken or will take through the air

People living in the track of the hurricane have been advised to leave their homes until it has passed. 已經建議居住在颶風經過之處的人撤離住所,直到颶風過後再回去。

track noun (DEVELOPMENT)

C2 [ C or U ] the direction in which someone's job or education develops

She was a lawyer, but then she changed track completely and became a doctor. 她當過律師,但後來徹底轉行成了醫生。

[ C usually singular ] the way in which a thought or idea has developed or might develop

I found it difficult to follow the track of his argument. 我覺得難以跟上他論證的思路。
get off the track

to start talking about something that is not part of what you should be talking about

I think we're getting off the track here - we're supposed to be discussing our advertising campaign. 我覺得我們離題了——我們應該討論的是廣告宣傳活動。

track noun (STUDENTS)

US UK stream a group of school students with similar ability who are approximately the same age and are taught together

Students who do well in their 8th grade classes will qualify for the honors track in high school.
the top/bottom track 程度高/低的班

track noun (MUSIC)

B2 [ C ] one of several songs or pieces of music on a CD or other musical recording

The album includes four previously unreleased tracks. 這張專輯收錄了四首以前未曾面世的歌曲。
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[ C ] a part of a magnetic strip onto which sound can be recorded, with several tracks on one magnetic strip

When a piece of music is recorded, each instrument is recorded separately on a 24 or 48–track tape. 錄製音樂時,每一種樂器分別被錄製在一張24或48聲道的磁帶上。

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uk /træk/ us /træk/

track verb (FOLLOW)

C2 [ T ] to follow a person or animal by looking for proof that they have been somewhere, or by using electronic equipment

It's difficult to track an animal over stony ground. 很難在多石的地面上追蹤動物。
The military use radar satellites to track targets through clouds and at night. 軍隊用雷達衛星透過雲霧和夜幕追蹤目標。
The terrorists were tracked to (= found in) Amsterdam. 恐怖分子在阿姆斯特丹被追蹤到。

C2 [ T ] to record the progress or development of something over a period

The study tracked the careers of 1,226 doctors who trained at the Medical School. 該研究對1226名曾在密歇根大學醫學院接受過培訓的醫生的事業發展情況進行跟蹤調查。

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track verb (MOVE)

[ I ] If a film or video camera tracks in a particular direction, it moves along while it is filming.

The movie ends with a long tracking shot around the deserted house. 影片的結尾場景是一個圍繞這幢廢棄房子拍攝的跟蹤長鏡頭。

[ I ] specialized media If a moving part of a recording machine tracks, it gets into the correct position for operating.

Our VCR tracks automatically. 我們的錄像機能自動攝錄。

track verb (STUDENTS)

[ T ] US UK track to group and teach together school students with similar abilities who are approximately the same age

We start to track the children in the third form. 我們從三年級開始把孩子們按能力分班。

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