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uk /treɪd/ us /treɪd/


B1 [ U ] the activity of buying and selling, or exchanging, goods and/or services between people or countries

The country's trade in manufactured goods has expanded in the last ten years. 該國的工業品貿易在最近十年裡擴大了規模。
70 percent of the country's trade is with Europe. 該國70%的貿易是和歐洲做的。
The two countries have signed a trade agreement for one year only. 這兩個國家簽署了一項為期僅一年的貿易協定。

[ U ] business activity

Since the supermarket opened, many small local shops have lost up to 50 percent of their trade. 自從這家超市開張後,當地許多小商店失去了一半的生意。
In hot weather, shops do a roaring/brisk trade in (= sell a lot of) cold drinks and ice cream. 天熱時,商店裡的冷飲和霜淇淋生意非常好。
This level of confidence in the economy is good for trade generally. 人們對經濟的信心水準如此,對進行貿易有利。

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trade noun (BUSINESS)

C1 [ C ] a particular business or industry

the building/catering/tourist trade 建築/飲食服務/旅遊行業
the book/car/fur trade 圖書/汽車/皮毛製品行業
He worked in the same trade all his life. 他終身從事同一行業。

B2 [ C or U ] a job, especially one that needs special skill, that involves working with your hands

She went to college to learn a trade. 她中學畢業後去一家技術學院學一門手藝。
He's a carpenter by trade. 他是做木工工作的。
the trade [ S ]

the people who work in a particular business or industry or in the same one

People who work in the trade can buy their books at a discount. 同行購書可以打折。
The company only supplies its goods to the (building/catering) trade, not direct to the public. 這家公司只向(建築/飲食服務)從業者提供貨物,而不直接面向公眾。

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uk /treɪd/ us /treɪd/
trade publication/journal/magazine/paper

a newspaper, etc. produced for people working in a particular business or industry

a steel industry trade journal 鋼鐵工業的行業刊物


uk /treɪd/ us /treɪd/

trade verb (BUY AND SELL)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to buy and sell goods or services, especially between countries

For centuries, Native Americans traded with European settlers. 美洲印第安人和歐洲殖民者做了幾百年生意。
The company has been trading in oil for many years. 該公司做石油生意已經有許多年了。
The two countries have become close trading partners. 兩國已經成為關係密切的貿易夥伴。
Our books are traded throughout Asia. 我們的書在全亞洲銷售。
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[ I or T ] to be bought and sold, or to buy and sell shares, on the stock exchange

The volume of stocks traded today was very high. 昨天倫敦證券交易所成交股票1850萬股。
Shares in the company traded actively. 該公司的股票交易活躍。

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trade verb (EXCHANGE)

[ T ] to exchange something, or to stop using or doing something and start using or doing something else instead

The children traded comics. 孩子們交換了連環漫畫。
[ + two objects ] I'll trade you some of my chocolate for some of your ice cream. 我願意用些巧克力換些你的霜淇淋。
I wouldn't trade you for the world (= I do not want a different partner). 除了你,我誰都不要。
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[ T ] If people trade statements of a particular type, they say or tell them to each other.

We sat around the dinner table, trading stories. 我們圍坐在餐桌旁,你一言我一語地講著各自的見聞。
The two politicians didn't really discuss the issues, they just traded insults. 這兩個政客並不是真的在討論問題,而是在互相辱罵。

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