Translation of "trade" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (BUSINESS) 商業 uk us /treɪd/

[ C ] a particular business or industry

the building/catering/tourist trade 建築/飲食服務/旅遊行業
the book/car/fur trade 圖書/汽車/皮毛製品行業
He worked in the same trade all his life. 他終身從事同一行業。

[ C or U ] a job, especially one which needs special skill and which involves working with your hands

After she left school, she went to college to learn a trade. 她中學畢業後去一家技術學院學一門手藝。
He's a carpenter by trade. 他是做木工工作的。
the trade [ S ]

the people who work in a particular business or industry or in the same one

People who work in the trade can buy their books at a discount. 同行購書可以打折。
The company only supplies its goods to the (building/catering) trade, not direct to the public. 這家公司只向(建築/飲食服務)從業者提供貨物,而不直接面向公眾。

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