Translation of "train" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (PREPARE) 準備 uk us /treɪn/

to prepare or be prepared for a job, activity or sport, by learning skills and/or by mental or physical exercise

She trained as a pilot. 她接受過飛行訓練。
[ + to infinitive ] Isn't Michael training to be a lawyer? 米迦勒難道不是在接受律師執業訓練嗎?
[ R + to infinitive ] I've had to train myself to be more assertive at work. 我必須鍛煉自己,使自己在工作中更加自信。
She trained hard for the race, sometimes running as much as 60 miles a week. 她為參加賽跑比賽而刻苦訓練,有時一周能跑60英里。
humorous I'm trying to train my boyfriend to do the occasional bit of housework. 我正嘗試訓練我的男友偶爾做點家務。

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