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uk /triːt/ us /triːt/

treat verb (DEAL WITH)

B2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to behave towards someone or deal with something in a particular way

My parents treated us all the same when we were kids. 小時候,父母對我們一視同仁。
He treated his wife very badly. 他對妻子很不好。
It's wrong to treat animals as if they had no feelings. 把動物當成沒有感情的東西來對待是錯誤的。
I treat remarks like that with the contempt that they deserve. 那種說法根本不值一提,我對此嗤之以鼻。

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treat verb (GIVE MEDICAL CARE)

B2 [ T ] to use drugs, exercises, etc. to cure a person of a disease or heal an injury

He is being treated for a rare skin disease. 他患了一種罕見的皮膚病,正在接受治療。
Western medicine tends to treat the symptoms and not the cause. 西醫往往治標不治本。

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treat verb (PAY FOR)

B2 [ T ] to buy or pay for something for another person

Put your money away - I'm going to treat you (to this). 把錢收起來吧——(這次)我請你。
I'm going to treat myself to (= buy for myself) a new pair of sandals. 我要給自己買一雙新涼鞋。

treat verb (PUT ON)

[ T ] to put a special substance on material such as wood, cloth, metal, etc. or put it through a special process, in order to protect it from damage or decay

The material has been treated with resin to make it waterproof. 這種材料塗上了樹脂以防水。


uk /triːt/ us /triːt/


C2 [ C ] a special and enjoyable occasion or experience

We're going to Italy for the weekend - it's my birthday treat. 我們要去義大利度週末——為我慶祝生日。
As a special treat, I'll take you to my favourite restaurant. 我要帶你到我最喜歡的茶館去,這是個特別待遇。

treat noun (PAY FOR)

my, your, etc. treat [ S ]

an occasion when I, you, etc. buy or pay for something for another person

No, you paid for dinner last time - this is my treat. 不,上次吃飯是你付錢——這次我請客。


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