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trimverb [ T ]

uk /trɪm/ us /trɪm/ -mm-

trim verb [ T ] (CUT)

to make something tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it

to trim the hedge 修剪樹籬
My hair needs trimming. 我的頭髮需要剪一剪。
Trim off the leafy ends of the vegetable before cooking. 烹飪之前,去掉菜多葉的一端。

trim verb [ T ] (REDUCE)

to reduce the amount or size of something

They're trying to trim their costs, so staff who leave are not being replaced. 他們正試圖降低成本,所以沒有安排填補離職員工的空缺。


uk /trɪm/ us /trɪm/ trimmer, trimmest

trim adjective (THIN)

approving thin in an attractive and healthy way

You're looking very trim - have you lost weight? 你看起來很苗條——你減肥了嗎?

trim adjective (TIDY)

tidy and well ordered

trim lawns and neat flower beds 平整的草坪和整潔的花壇


uk /trɪm/ us /trɪm/

trim noun (CUT)

[ S ] an act of making something, especially someone's hair, tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it

I asked the hairdresser for a trim. 我請理髮師給我修剪一下頭髮。
Just give the ends a trim, please. 請把梢修一修就行。

trim noun (MATERIAL)

[ C or U ] →  trimming


trim noun (PREPARED)

in trim informal

physically prepared and ready, or in good condition

Are you in trim for the run on Sunday? 星期天的賽跑你準備好了嗎?

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