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triumphnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈtraɪ.əmf/ us /ˈtraɪ.əmf/

C1 a very great success, achievement, or victory (= when you win a war, fight, or competition), or a feeling of great satisfaction or pleasure caused by this

The book celebrates the hostages' remarkable triumph over appalling adversity. 這本書頌揚人質脫離可怕險境的壯舉。
The signing of the agreement was a personal triumph for the prime minister. 簽訂該協議對首相而言是一項偉大的個人成就。
It was the Republican Party's third election triumph in a row. 這是共和黨連續第三次贏得選舉勝利。
The eradication of smallpox by vaccination was one of medicine's greatest triumphs. 透過接種疫苗根除天花是醫學上最偉大的成就之一。
The constitutional changes have been hailed as a triumph for democracy. 憲法改革被譽為民主政治所取得的一項重大成就。
The game ended in triumph for the home team. 比賽以法國隊獲勝而告終。
He returned in triumph from the sales with a half-price TV. 他從拍賣會回來的時候,興高采烈地抱著半價買來的立體聲音響。

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triumphverb [ I ]

uk /ˈtraɪ.əmf/ us /ˈtraɪ.əmf/

to have a very great success or victory

I believe that sooner or later good must triumph over evil. 我相信正義終究要戰勝邪惡。
The Democrats once again triumphed in recent elections. 民主黨人在最近的選舉中再次獲勝。

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