Translation of "trouble" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (DIFFICULTIES) 困難 uk us /ˈtrʌb.l̩/

[ C or U ] problems or difficulties

The form was terribly complicated and I had a lot of trouble with it. 這張表格十分複雜,我填起來很費勁。
Their problems seem to be over for the moment, but there could be more trouble ahead. 他們的問題眼下看起來是完結了,但以後可能會有更多麻煩。
The trouble started/began when my father came to live with us. 父親來和我們一起住之後,麻煩就開始了。
[ + -ing verb ] Parents often have trouble finding restaurants that welcome young children. 做父母的常常難以找到願意招待小孩子的餐館。
You'll only be storing up trouble for the future if you don't go to the dentist now. 如果你現在不去看牙醫,就是在給將來找麻煩。
I should get it finished over the weekend without too much trouble. 我週末應該可以不費太大力氣就能完成它。
She thought her troubles would be over once she'd got divorced. 她原以為一旦離了婚,她的麻煩就會結束。
My Christmas shopping is the least of my troubles at the moment - I haven't even got enough money to pay the rent. 眼下我根本顧不上聖誕購物——我連付租金的錢都不夠。
Most of the current troubles stem (= are caused by) from our new computer system. 目前大部分的問題歸根於我們的新電腦系統。

[ U ] a characteristic of someone or something that is considered a disadvantage or problem

The trouble with this carpet is that it gets dirty very easily. 這種地毯的缺點是易髒。
It's a brilliant idea. The only trouble is that we don't know how much it will cost. 這個想法非常好。唯一的問題是我們不知道這樣要花多少錢。
Ron's trouble is that he's too impatient. 羅恩的缺點是太沒有耐心。

[ U ] a situation in which you experience problems, usually because of something you have done wrong or badly

He's never been in trouble with his teachers before. 他以前從來沒有受過老師的批評。
She'll be in big trouble if she crashes Sam's car. 如果撞壞了薩姆的汽車,她就會倒大黴。
He got into financial trouble after his divorce. 離婚後,他在經濟上陷入了困境。
I hope you won't get into trouble because of what I said to your dad. 我希望你不會因我對你爸爸說了那些話而受罰。
The camp is a great way of getting kids off the street and keeping them out of trouble. 讓小孩子去渡假營是個很好的辦法,這樣可以讓他們遠離街頭,不會惹是生非。
I hope I haven't landed you in trouble with your boss. 我希望你沒有因為我而受到老闆的訓斥。
The marriage ran into trouble because of her husband's heavy drinking. 由於丈夫酗酒,她的婚姻陷入了危機。
The company will be in serious/real trouble if we lose this contract. 如果我們失去這份合約,公司將陷入嚴重困境。
He's stayed out of trouble since he was released from jail last year. 他自去年出獄以來,一直沒有再惹麻煩。

[ U ] problems or difficulties caused by something failing to operate as it should

The plane developed engine trouble shortly after takeoff. 飛機起飛不久,引擎就出現了故障。
They have a good reputation for building reliable trouble-free cars. 他們製造的汽車耐用、無故障,口碑很好。
Her knee trouble is expected to keep her out of the game for the rest of the season. 由於膝傷,她可能無法參加本賽季餘下的比賽。

[ U ] problems in the form of arguments, fighting or violence

Listen, I don't want any trouble in here, so please just finish your drink and leave. 聽著,我可不想這裡出甚麼亂子,請你趕快喝完離開。
You can only go to the match if you promise to leave at the first sign of trouble. 你要答應一看見出了亂子就馬上離開,才可以去看比賽。
My little brother's always trying to stir up (= create) trouble between me and my boyfriend. 我的小弟總是想挑起我和男朋友之間的爭吵。

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