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uk /trʌŋk/ us /trʌŋk/

trunk noun (MAIN PART)

B2 [ C ] the thick main stem of a tree, from which its branches grow


[ C ] the main part of a person's body, not including the head, legs, or arms

The statue shows the head, trunk, and arms of an old man. 他的軀幹很結實。

More examples

trunk noun (NOSE)

[ C ] the long, tube-shaped nose of an elephant


trunk noun (CONTAINER)

[ C ] a large, strong container that is used for storing clothes and personal possessions, often when travelling or going to live in a new place


trunk noun (CAR)

B1 [ C ] US UK boot a covered space at the back of a car, for storing things in

I always keep a blanket and a toolkit in the trunk for emergencies. 我總是在汽車後備箱裡放一條毯子和一個工具箱以備急用。
Stolen goods were found in the trunk of her car.

trunk noun (CLOTHES)


UK or old-fashioned US UK also swimming trunks a piece of men's clothing that covers the hips and bottom and the top part of the legs and is worn when swimming


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