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uk /trʌst/ us /trʌst/

trust verb (BELIEVE)

B1 [ I or T ] to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable

My sister warned me not to trust him. 我姐姐告誡我不要相信他。
Trust me - I know about these things. 相信我——我瞭解這些東西。
Trust your instincts, and do what you think is right. 相信你的直覺,做你認為正確的事情。
I don't trust air travel - it's unnatural. 我信不過航空旅行——它不合乎自然規律。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I trust him to make the right decision. 我相信他能作出正確的決定。
That man is not to be trusted. 那個人不可靠。
I wouldn't trust him with my car. 我不會把我的車交給他用。
Sometimes you have to trust in the goodness of human nature. 有時你只能寄希望於人性的善良。
However much you plan an expedition like this, you still have to trust to luck to a certain extent. 像這樣的探險不管你準備得多麼仔細,在某種程度上你仍然得依靠運氣。

More examples

  • He's such a liar - you can't trust a word he says.
  • I can't employ him in the shop unless I can trust him.
  • After what she did to me, I'll never trust her again.
  • You can trust Ruth because she always does things by the rules.
  • He's a sly old devil - I wouldn't trust him with my money.

trust verb (HOPE)

C1 [ I ] formal to hope and expect that something is true

[ + (that) ] I trust (that) you slept well? 我想你睡得還好吧?
The meeting went well, I trust. 我希望會議進行得順利。


uk /trʌst/ us /trʌst/

trust noun (BELIEF)

B2 [ U ] the belief that you can trust someone or something

a relationship based on trust and understanding 建立在信任與理解基礎上的關係
We were obviously wrong to put our trust in her. 顯然,我們不該信任她。
He's in a position of trust (= a position with responsibilities, especially to the public). 他身居要職。
take sth on trust

to believe that something is true although you have no proof


More examples


[ C ] a legal arrangement in which a person or organization controls property and/or money for another person or organization

Under the terms of the trust he receives interest on the money, but he cannot get at the money itself. 按照信託協議,他得到那筆錢的利息,但不可處置本金。
The money that her father left her is being held/kept in trust (= being controlled) for her until she's 30. 父親留給她的錢被託管起來,直到她30歲時才能取出。

trust noun (ORGANIZATION)

[ C ] an organization that controls property and/or money for another person

He works for a charitable trust. 他為一家慈善信託機構工作。
Housing trusts help to provide houses for people who are not well off. 住房基金機構向那些不富裕的人提供住房方面的幫助。

[ C ] US used in the name of some banks

Morgan Guaranty Trust 摩根保證信託銀行

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