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uk /tɜːf/ us /tɝːf/

turf noun (GRASS)

[ C or U ] plural turfs or UK turves the surface layer of land on which grass is growing, consisting of the grass and the soil in which its roots grow, or a piece of this that is cut from the ground and is usually rectangular


turf noun (HORSE RACING)

the turf [ S ]

the sport of horse racing


turf noun (AREA)

[ U ] informal a subject in which a person or group has a lot of knowledge or influence

Antiques are very much her turf. 她對古玩很在行。

[ U ] informal the area that a group considers its own

Judges feel that the courtroom is their private turf. 法官覺得法庭屬於他們的私人領地。
The gymnastics team won the championship on their home turf. 該體操隊在自己的主場獲得了冠軍。

turfverb [ T ]

uk /tɜːf/ us /tɝːf/

to cover a piece of land with turf


Phrasal verb(s)

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