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uk /ˈtɜːnˌəʊ.vər/ us /ˈtɝːnˌoʊ.vɚ/

turnover noun (BUSINESS)

C1 [ C or U ] the amount of business that a company does in a period of time

Large supermarkets have high turnovers (= their goods sell very quickly). 大型超市的貨品銷售量很大。
The business has an annual turnover of £50,000. 這家公司的年營業額達5萬英鎊。

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turnover noun (EMPLOYEES)

C2 [ S or U ] the rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by new people

The large number of temporary contracts resulted in a high turnover of staff. 臨時合約多,人員變更率就很高。
US They've had a lot of turnover at the factory recently. 最近他們工廠人員變動很大。

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turnover noun (CAKE)

[ C ] a small cake made from a folded piece of pastry with fruit inside

an apple turnover 蘋果餡餅

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