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uk /tʌt/ us /tʌt/ UK also tut-tut, US tsk

used in writing to represent the sound made to show you disapprove of something, or a word said twice in a humorous way to suggest disapproval

Tut, it's raining - I'm going to get soaked. 嘖嘖,下雨了——我要淋成落湯雞了。
You're late again - tut tut! 你又遲到了——嘖嘖!

tutverb [ I ]

uk /tʌt/ us /tʌt/ -tt- UK

to make a disapproving sound or speak in a disapproving way

He walked off, tutting to himself. 他走開了,口中嘖嘖不已。
[ + speech ] "Still not out of bed?" she tutted (= said in a disapproving way). 「還沒起床?」她嘖嘖道。

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