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uk /ˈtwaɪ.laɪt/ us /ˈtwaɪ.laɪt/

twilight noun (EVENING)

[ U ] the period just before it becomes completely dark in the evening

I could make out a dark figure in the twilight. 暮色中,我能辨認出一個黑影。

twilight noun (FINAL PART)

the twilight of sth literary

the final part of a period

I knew him when he was in the twilight of his career. 我在他職業生涯的晚期才認識他。



uk /ˈtwaɪ.laɪt/ us /ˈtwaɪ.laɪt/ literary

used to describe a way of life that involves illegal or immoral activities, and is on the edge of normal society

The remaining inhabitants of this once-prosperous town have got used to a twilight existence. 這個曾經繁華的商業重鎮遺留下的居民已經習慣了過動盪不安的生活。
Leaving a secure job for the twilight world of pop music may have been a mistake. 拋棄安穩的工作,進入充滿未知的流行音樂界,也許是個錯誤。


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