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umbrellanoun [ C ]

uk /ʌmˈbrel.ə/ us /ʌmˈbrel.ə/

umbrella noun [ C ] (DEVICE)

A2 a device for protection against the rain, consisting of a stick with a folding frame covered in material at one end and usually a handle at the other, or a similar, often larger, device used for protection against the sun

I felt a few drops of rain, so I put my umbrella up. 我感到有幾滴雨點,於是便撐起了雨傘。
I left my umbrella on the bus yesterday. 我昨天又把一把傘落在公車上了。
a folding umbrella 折疊傘

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umbrella noun [ C ] (GROUP)

something that includes or represents a group or range of similar things

He runs a group of companies under the umbrella of Universal Foods.
The Organization of Islamic Conference is an umbrella organization representing 57 Muslim nations.
Existentialism was really an umbrella term to lump together the works of several philosophers and writers. 存在主義實際上是一個把幾位哲學家和作家的作品歸併在一起的總稱。

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