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uk /ˌʌn.dəˈstænd/ us /ˌʌn.dɚˈstænd/ understood, understood

understand verb (KNOW)

A1 [ I or T ] to know the meaning of something that someone says

She explained the whole idea again, but I still didn't understand. 她把整個想法又解釋了一遍,但我還是不明白。
Is there anyone here who understands Arabic? 這兒有人懂阿拉伯語嗎?
I think he was calling from a club - it was so noisy, I couldn't understand a word he said. 我想他是在一個酒吧裡打的電話——那頭太吵了,他說的話我一個字也沒聽清。

A2 [ I or T ] to know why or how something happens or works

[ + question word ] We still don't fully understand how the brain works. 我們還未完全弄懂大腦是如何工作的。

B1 [ I or T ] to know how someone feels or why someone behaves in a particular way

My wife doesn't understand me. 我太太不理解我。
Sometimes I don't understand James. 有時候我搞不懂詹姆斯。
[ + question word ] You don't understand what it's like/how it feels to have to beg on the streets. 你不瞭解出於無奈才上街乞討是甚麽樣子/是甚麽樣的感覺。
understand sb to mean sth

to think, especially wrongly, that someone means a particular thing

When he said three o'clock, I understood him to mean in the afternoon. 他說三點鐘時,我誤解爲是下午。
understand each other/one another

When two people understand one another, they both know what the other means and wants and they have an agreement.

I wanted to make sure that we want the same things, that we really understand each other.

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understand verb (REALIZE)

C1 [ T ] formal to know or realize something because you have been told it

[ + (that) ] I understand (that) you are interested in borrowing some money from us. 我聽說你想從我們這裡借些錢。
[ + that ] The Director had given her to understand (= told her) that she would be promoted. 主任跟她說她將會得到提拔。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] A secret buyer is understood to have paid $1 million for the three pictures (= there is unofficial news that this has happened). 據說,有一位不願透露姓名的買家花了100萬英鎊買走了那三幅畫。

[ I or T ] formal used when making certain that someone knows what you mean and will do as you want

I don't want you to see that boy again. Understand?/Do you understand?/Is that understood? 我不想你再和那個男孩見面,明白嗎?
it is understood formal

used to refer to something such as a rule that everyone knows and accepts

In the library it is understood that people should talk quietly. 眾所周知,圖書館裡禁止大聲喧嘩。

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