Translation of "understand" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (KNOW) 知道 uk us /ˌʌn.dəˈstænd/ US  /-dɚ-/ (understood)

[ I or T ] to know the meaning of something that someone says

She explained the whole idea again, but I still didn't understand. 她把整個想法又解釋了一遍,但我還是不明白。
Is there anyone here who understands Arabic? 這兒有人懂阿拉伯語嗎?
I think he was phoning from a pub - it was so noisy I couldn't understand (= recognize) a word he said. 我想他是在一個酒吧裡打的電話——那頭太吵了,他說的話我一個字也沒聽清。

[ I or T ] to know why or how something happens or works

[ + question word ] We still don't fully understand how the brain works. 我們還未完全弄懂大腦是如何工作的。

[ I or T ] to know how someone feels or why they behave in a particular way

My wife doesn't understand me. 我太太不理解我。
Sometimes I don't understand James. 有時候我搞不懂詹姆斯。
[ + question word ] You don't understand what it's like/how it feels to have to beg on the streets. 你不瞭解出於無奈才上街乞討是甚麽樣子/是甚麽樣的感覺。
understand sb to mean sth

to think, especially wrongly, that someone means a particular thing

When he said 3 o'clock, I understood him to mean in the afternoon. 他說三點鐘時,我誤解爲是下午。
understand one another/each other

When two people understand one another, they both know what the other means and wants and they have an agreement

Both sides must try to understand one another, to recognise each others' rights, feelings and beliefs. 雙方都應盡量相互理解,認可彼此的權利、情感和信仰。

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