Translation of "unfavourable" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective UK US unfavorable uk /ʌnˈfeɪ.vər.ə.bəl/ us /ʌnˈfeɪ.vɚ.ə.bəl/

C2 not giving you an advantage or a good chance of success

Current conditions are very unfavourable for new businesses.
We have to be prepared for an unfavourable outcome.

C2 negative and showing that you do not like something:

He always talks about her in an unfavourable way.
Of those surveyed, 62 percent said they had an unfavourable opinion of the president.
The film has had unfavourable reviews.
→ Opposite favourable
unfavourably adverb uk /ʌnˈfeɪ.vər.ə.bli/ us /ʌnˈfeɪ.vɚ.ə.bli/

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