Translation of "uniform" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C or U ] uk /ˈjuː.nɪ.fɔːm/ us /ˈjuː.nə.fɔːrm/

A2 a particular set of clothes that has to be worn by the members of the same organization or group of people

military/school uniform 軍裝/校服
a nurse's uniform 護士服
I love a man in uniform! 我喜歡男人穿制服的樣子!
→ Compare mufti

[ C ] a type of clothes that is connected with a particular group of people

Photographs show him wearing the T-shirt and ripped jeans that were the student's uniform of the time. 照片上的他穿著當時的校服,就是那種髒兮兮的T恤和牛仔褲。
uniformed adjective uk /ˈjuː.nɪ.fɔːmd/ us /ˈjuː.nə.fɔːrmd/

uniformed officers/police/soldiers 身穿制服的軍官/員警/士兵
adjective uk /ˈjuː.nɪ.fɔːm/ us /ˈjuː.nə.fɔːrm/

the same; not changing or different in any way

The office walls and furniture are a uniform grey. 和你看到的很多辦公室一樣,牆壁和傢俱一律都是灰色的。
Small businesses are demanding that they receive uniform treatment from the banks. 小企業要求銀行給予它們一視同仁的待遇。
uniformity noun [ U ] uk /ˌjuː.nɪˈfɔː.mə.ti/ us /ˌjuː.nəˈfɔːr.mə.t̬i/
uniformly adverb uk /ˈjuː.nɪ.fɔː us /ˈjuː.nə.fɔː

Critics were uniformly enthusiastic about the production. 評論家們對該作品一致給予好評。

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