Translation of "up" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adverb (HIGHER) 更高 uk us /ʌp/

towards a higher position; towards a higher value, number or level

Put those books up on the top shelf. 把那些書放到書架頂層。
A gravel road leads through the jungle and up into the Andes. 一條礫石鋪成的路穿過叢林,向上進入安第斯山。
Pushing the number of unit sales up every quarter can't be continued indefinitely. 單位銷售數位每個季度都增長的趨勢不可能無限期持續下去。
The water was up to/had come up to the level of the windows. 水已經漲到窗戶那麽高了。

out of the ground

He spent the afternoon digging carrots up. 他挖了一下午的胡蘿蔔。
up and down

from a higher to a lower position repeatedly

My little daughter started jumping up and down with rage when she heard she couldn't go. 我的小女兒在得知她不能去後非常生氣,開始不停地跳上跳下。

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