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uk /ˈvæl.juː/ us /ˈvæl.juː/

value noun (MONEY)

B1 [ C or U ] the amount of money that can be received for something

She had already sold everything of value that she possessed. 她已經把自己所有值錢的東西都賣了。
What is the value of the prize? 那個獎項有多少獎金?
The value of the pound fell against other European currencies yesterday. 昨天英鎊對其他歐洲貨幣的比價下挫。
Property values have fallen since the plans for the airport were published. 建造機場的計劃公佈以來,房地產價格已經下跌。
UK I thought the offer was good value (for money) (= a lot was offered for the amount of money paid). 我認為這個報價很合算。
US I thought the offer was a good value (= a lot was offered for the amount of money paid).

More examples

  • The value of the painting has been put at £1 million.
  • The rise in interest rates has pushed up the value of my investments.
  • The new tax system would be calculated on the value of property owned by an individual.
  • We've seen our house diminish greatly in value over the last six months.
  • Those shares must be worth ten times their original value now.

value noun (IMPORTANCE)

[ S or U ] the importance or worth of something for someone

For them, the house's main value lay in its quiet country location. 對他們來說,這座房子的主要優點是地處鄉村,環境僻靜。
They are known to place/put/set a high value on good presentation. 眾所周知,他們非常重視包裝的精美。

B1 [ U ] how useful or important something is

The photographs are of immense historical value. 這些照片極具歷史價值。
His contribution was of little or no practical value. 他的投稿沒有多少或者說毫無實用價值。
The necklace had great sentimental value. 這條項鏈很有紀念價值。
It has novelty value because I've never done anything like it before. 我之前從未做過那樣的事情,所以感覺很新鮮。
values [ plural ]

More examples

  • I try not to foist my values on the children but it's hard.
  • He had not expected the people so readily to internalize the values of democracy.
  • We need to reassess our values as a nation.
  • By its nature, terrorism is designed to strike at the heart of our democratic values.
  • Instead of defending traditional values, the church frequently seems weak-kneed and irresolute.

B2 the beliefs people have, especially about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, that control their behaviour

family/moral/traditional values 家庭觀念/道德觀念/傳統的價值觀

More examples

  • It's a cheap ring but it has great sentimental value for me.
  • When preparing meals, you need to think about variety and taste as well as nutritional value.
  • The value of some of the experiments is debatable.
  • Very few activities at this age have no educative value at all.
  • Critics were in total disagreement about the literary value of the book.

valueverb [ T ]

uk /ˈvæl.juː/ us /ˈvæl.juː/

value verb [ T ] (MONEY)

C2 UK US appraise to give a judgment about how much money something might be sold for

He valued the painting at $2,000. 他給那幅畫估價2000美元。
The insurance company said I should have my jewellery valued. 保險公司說我應當把我的首飾進行估價。

More examples

  • The pearl, valued at £75 000, is so big that it has been described as a freak of nature.
  • Before probate can be granted, all business assets have to be identified and valued.
  • We're getting an estate agent to value our house.
  • Experts have valued the pottery at over £5,000.
  • Have you had the furniture valued?

value verb [ T ] (IMPORTANCE)

B2 to consider something important

I've always valued her advice. 我對她的建議一向很重視。

More examples

  • Stop belittling yourself - your work is highly valued.
  • The bank manager waived the charge , as we were old and valued customers.
  • I wouldn't cross him if I were you, not if you value your life.
  • The general drift of the article was that society doesn't value older people.
  • They value their freedom above and beyond all else.

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