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vetonoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈviː.təʊ/ us /ˈviː.t̬oʊ/ plural vetoes

an official power or right to refuse to accept or allow something

The president has the power of veto over any bill that comes across his desk.
In theory the British government could use its veto to block this proposal. 理論上英國政府可以利用否決權來阻止這項議案通過。
The Senate voted to override the president's veto of the proposed measures. 參議院投票推翻了總統對擬議中的措施的否決。
mainly UK My parents put a veto on our watching television for more than two hours each evening. 媽媽禁止我們每天晚上看電視超過兩個小時。

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vetoverb [ T ]

uk /ˈviː.təʊ/ us /ˈviː.t̬oʊ/

to refuse to allow something

In 1961, President De Gaulle vetoed Britain's entry into the Common Market. 1961年,戴高樂總統行使否決權,反對英國加入西歐共同市場。
[ + -ing verb ] My boss vetoed my taking any more time off this year. 我的老闆不允許我今年再請假。

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