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uk /vɔɪs/ us /vɔɪs/

voice noun (SOUNDS)

B1 [ C ] the sounds that are made when people speak or sing

She has a loud/quiet/soft voice. 她說話聲音很大/很輕/很柔。
a low-pitched/high-pitched voice 低沉/高而尖的嗓音
a booming/breathy/clear/deep/fruity/gravelly/husky/squeaky voice 低沉/帶喘息聲/清脆/深沉/圓潤/粗啞/沙啞/尖細的嗓音
a baritone/soprano singing voice 男中音/女高音歌喉
You could tell from her voice that she wasn't pleased. 你可以從她的聲音裡聽出來她不高興。
"I don't know what you mean," said Fran in a quavering voice. 「我不知道你是甚麼意思,」弗蘭顫聲說道。
She lowered her voice to a whisper. 她放低聲音,輕聲耳語。
You'll have to raise your voice (= speak louder) if you want to be heard in here. 在這裡你如果想要別人聽見那就得大聲點兒。
I have a cold and I think I'm losing my voice (= becoming unable to speak). 我感冒了,而且覺得嗓子要啞了。
He's at that age when his voice is breaking (= changing from a boy's to a man's). 他正處在變聲的年齡。
She's done a lot of work with voice-activated computers. 她已經用語音操縱的電腦做了很多工作。
be in good voice

to be singing well

The choir seems to be in good voice today! 合唱團的各位成員,我們今天唱得很好!

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voice noun (OPINION)

C2 [ C often singular, U ] (the right to) an expression of opinion

There was only one dissenting voice during the discussion. 討論中只有一個不同的聲音。
Unfortunately a strike was the only way to make our voices heard. 不幸的是,罷工是唯一能讓人聽到我們呼聲的方法。
The committee represents the voice of the students. 那個委員會代表了學生的意願。
Developing countries are demanding a stronger voice (= right to express opinions) in the debate. 發展中國家正要求在辯論中擁有更多的發言權。

C2 [ S ] an important quality or opinion that someone expresses, or the person who is able to express it

She just won't listen to the voice of reason. 她就是不願意傾聽理智的聲音。
I wouldn't work for Peter if I were you - this is the voice of experience talking! 我要是你的話就不會為彼得工作——這可是經驗之談!

voiceverb [ T ]

uk /vɔɪs/ us /vɔɪs/

C2 to say what you think about a particular subject, especially to express a doubt, complaint, etc. that you have about it

I have voiced my objections to the plan to management. 我已經向管理層提出了對那個計劃的反對意見。

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