Translation of "walk" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb uk /wɔːk/ us /wɑːk/

A1 [ I or T ] to move along by putting one foot in front of the other, allowing each foot to touch the ground before lifting the next

I walked home. 我走路回家的。
A cat was walking along the top of the fence. 一隻貓在籬笆頂上走著。
He walks two miles to work every morning. 他每天早晨步行兩公里去上班。
→ See also jaywalk , sleepwalk (sleepwalker)

B1 [ T ] to go with someone to a particular place, for example because you want to protect them from danger, or show them the way

He offered to walk her home/to the station. 他提出陪她走回家/到車站。

B1 [ T ] to take an animal, especially a dog, for a walk

She walks the dog for an hour every afternoon. 她每天下午都遛一小時狗。
a walking disaster, encyclopedia, etc.

someone who seems to be a human form of disaster, encyclopedia, etc.

You broke another pair of glasses? You're just a walking disaster! 你又摔壞了一副眼鏡?——唉,你真是個掃把星!

[ I ] to be allowed to leave a court after being found not guilty of a crime:

If police don't get the right evidence, he'll walk.

[ I or T ] in baseball, to receive four balls outside the hitting area and be allowed to go to first base, or to throw the ball outside the hitting area four times so that the batter is allowed to go to first base:

The first batters either missed or walked.
He would have had a perfect game, except he walked a batter in the final inning.

[ T ] UK informal to pass or win something, such as an exam or game, easily

She'll walk the interview - the job is practically hers already. 她會輕鬆通過面試的——那份工作實際上已經是她的了。
noun uk /wɔːk/ us /wɑːk/

A2 [ C ] a journey that you make by walking, often for enjoyment

He went for/took a walk around the block, to get some air. 他繞著街區散了散步,呼吸些新鮮空氣。
They went on a ten-mile walk to raise money for charity. 他們徒步走了十英里,為慈善事業募捐。
Every afternoon she takes her grandfather out for a walk. 每天下午她都帶她的爺爺出去散步。
→ See also jaywalk , sleepwalk (sleepwalker) , boardwalk , catwalk , crosswalk , sidewalk , spacewalk

C1 [ C ] a path or route where people can walk for enjoyment

Do you know any nice walks around here? 你知道這附近有甚麼散步的好地方嗎?

[ S ] a way of walking

He has a strange waddling sort of walk. 他走起路來一搖一擺,非常奇怪。

[ S ] walking speed

She slowed the horses to a walk. 她讓馬放慢速度緩步而行。
a short, five-minute, ten-minute, etc. walk

a journey that takes a short time, five minutes, ten minutes, etc. when you walk

The school is only a five-minute walk away. 車站離這裡只有五分鐘的步程。

[ C ] in baseball, an occasion when a batter is allowed to go to first base after the pitcher has thrown the ball outside the hitting area four times

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