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uk /wɒtʃ/ us /wɑːtʃ/

watch verb (LOOK AT)

A1 [ I or T ] to look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving

I had dinner and watched TV for a couple of hours. 我吃了飯,然後看了幾個小時電視。
He spent the entire afternoon watching a cricket match. 他整個下午都在看一場板球比賽。
[ + obj + infinitive without to ] I watched him get into a cab. 我看著他坐上一輛計程車。
I got the feeling I was being watched. 我有種被人監視的感覺。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I sit by the window and watch people walking past. 我坐在窗邊,看著人們來回走過。
[ + question word ] Just watch how he slides that ball in past the goalkeeper. 看看他是多麼巧妙地帶球越過守門員而入網的。
Bonner watched helplessly as they drove away without him. 邦納無助地看著球從近端的球門柱旁滾進球門。
She'll pretend that she hasn't seen us - you watch. 她會假裝沒看見我們的——你看著吧。

[ T ] to stay with someone or something, such as a child, for a short time to make certain that he, she, or it is safe

If you want me to watch the kids for a couple of hours while you go out, just let me know. 如果你想在出門時需要我幫忙照顧孩子們幾個小時,跟我說一聲就行了。
Could you watch my bags for me, while I go to the toilet? 我去一趟洗手間,你幫我看一下這些袋子好嗎?

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watch verb (BE CAREFUL)

B2 [ T ] to be careful of something

I have to watch my weight (= be careful not to become too heavy) now I'm not exercising so much. 我必須注意自己的體重,因為我現在不怎麼運動。
Watch your language (= do not use rude words), young man! 在女士面前請注意言語得體,年輕人!
[ + (that) ] Watch (that) you don't get glue on your fingers. 注意別把膠水黏到你的手指上,可以嗎?
[ + question word ] Watch what you're doing with that knife, Jim, it's sharp. 用那把刀時小心點,吉姆,它很鋒利的。
You need to watch him - he's a strange character. 你應該注意他——他的脾氣有點怪。

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  • You need to watch those car dealers.
  • Watch the mosquitos - they can give you a nasty bite.
  • Watch what you're doing with that stick!.


uk /wɒtʃ/ us /wɑːtʃ/

watch noun (SMALL CLOCK)

A1 [ C ] a small clock that is worn on a strap around the wrist or, sometimes, connected to a piece of clothing by a chain

My watch seems to have stopped (= stopped working). 我的手錶好像停了——它顯示的是10:15,但我可以肯定實際時間要晚一些。
He glanced nervously at his watch. 他緊張地瞥了一眼手錶。

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watch noun (LOOKING)

[ S or U ] the activity of watching or giving attention to something or someone, especially to make certain nothing bad happens

The police keep a close watch on gang members. 一旦你與毒品案有牽連,警方就會嚴密監視你。
The soldiers slept at night, except for one who stayed awake on watch/to keep watch. 夜裡除了一個人站崗之外,其他的士兵都睡覺了。

[ S ] a person or group of soldiers or guards whose duty is to protect a person, place, or thing from danger or attack


[ C ] a particular period of time during which a person or a group of soldiers or guards has the duty of protecting and warning of danger

the night watch

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