Translation of "watch" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (LOOK AT) uk us /wɒtʃ/ US  /wɑːtʃ/

[ I or T ] to look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving

I had dinner and watched TV for a couple of hours. 我吃了飯,然後看了幾個小時電視。
He spent the entire afternoon watching a cricket match. 他整個下午都在看一場板球比賽。
[ + obj + infinitive without to ] I watched him get into a taxi. 我看著他坐上一輛計程車。
I got the feeling I was being watched. 我有種被人監視的感覺。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I sit by the window and watch people walking past. 我坐在窗邊,看著人們來回走過。
[ + question word ] Just watch how he slides that ball in past the goalkeeper. 看看他是多麼巧妙地帶球越過守門員而入網的。
Bonner watched helplessly as the ball sneaked in at the near post. 邦納無助地看著球從近端的球門柱旁滾進球門。
She'll pretend that she hasn't seen us - you watch. 她會假裝沒看見我們的——你看著吧。

[ T ] to stay with something or someone such as a child for a short time to make certain that they are safe

If you want me to watch the kids for a couple of hours while you go out, just let me know. 如果你想在出門時需要我幫忙照顧孩子們幾個小時,跟我說一聲就行了。
Could you watch my bags for me, while I go to the toilet? 我去一趟洗手間,你幫我看一下這些袋子好嗎?

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