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uk /wiːv/ us /wiːv/

weave verb (MAKE)

[ I or T ] wove or US also weaved, woven or US also weaved to make cloth by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads on a loom (= special frame)

This type of wool is woven into fabric which will make jackets. 這種羊毛被織成衣料,用來做外套。

[ T ] wove or US also weaved, woven or US also weaved to twist long objects together, or to make something by doing this

We were shown how to roughly weave ferns and grass together to make a temporary shelter. 有人給我們示範了如何將蕨類植物和草簡單地編起來,搭成臨時的棲身之所。
It takes great skill to weave a basket from/out of rushes. 用燈心草編籃子需要很高技巧。

[ T ] literary wove or US also weaved, woven or US also weaved to form something from several different things or to combine several different things, in a complicated or skilled way

The biography is woven from the many accounts which exist of things she did. 該傳記是根據大量現存對她的事跡的記載編寫而成的。

weave verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] weaved, weaved to go or make a path by moving quickly and changing direction often, especially to avoid hitting things

The boy weaved through/between/in and out of stationary traffic on a bicycle. 為了逃脫員警的追趕,那個小偷騎著腳踏車在靜止的車流中迂迴穿行。
noun [ C ] uk /ˈwiː.vər/ us /ˈwiː.vɚ/

a person whose job is weaving cloth and other materials

basket weavers 編籃子的人



uk /wiːv/ us /wiːv/

weave noun (CLOTH)

[ C usually singular ] the way in which cloth has been woven, for example with the threads pulled firmly together, or the pattern produced by this process

a tight weave 密實的織法
a striped/traditional weave 條紋/傳統編織式樣

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