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uk /wæk/ us /wæk/

[ T ] to hit someone or something noisily

He whacked the tree trunk with his stick. 他用手杖猛擊樹幹。
She whacked him in the mouth. 她猛地一拳打在他的嘴上。

[ T + adv/prep ] UK informal to quickly put something somewhere

"Where shall I put my bag?" "Just whack it in the corner there." 「我把書包放在哪裡?」「丟到那邊角落裡就行。」


uk /wæk/ us /wæk/

whack noun (HIT)

[ C ] the action of hitting someone or something noisily

He gave the ball a whack with his stick. 他用球棒猛擊了一下球。

whack noun (SHARE)

[ S or U ] UK informal a share or part

Low earners will pay only half the charge but high earners will have to pay full whack (= pay the whole amount). 低收入人士只需支付一半的費用,而高收入人士則需支付全額費用。
That's not a fair whack. 這一份太少了。
top whack UK informal

the highest possible price or payment

They're prepared to pay top whack for goods like this. 他們願意為這樣的貨物出最高價格。

whack noun (NOT RIGHT)

out of whack US informal

not operating correctly or looking right

You can use Carol's old bike - the gears are out of whack, but it still goes. 你可以騎卡羅爾的舊腳踏車——齒輪可能有點問題,但還能騎。

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