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willmodal verb

uk /wɪl/ us /wɪl/

will modal verb (FUTURE)

A2 also 'll used to talk about what is going to happen in the future, especially things that you are certain about or things that are planned

Clare will be five years old next month. 下個月克萊爾就五歲了。
The train leaves at 8:58, so we'll be in Scotland by lunchtime. 火車8:58發車,所以我們中午前就能到蘇格蘭了。
I'll see him tomorrow./I'll be seeing him tomorrow. 我明天要見他。
Will Susie be there? 蘇茜會去嗎?
It won't be easy to find another secretary. 再找一位秘書可不容易。
There'll be trouble when she finds out. 她要是發現了就麻煩了。

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will modal verb (ABLE/WILLING)

A1 also 'll used to talk about what someone or something is able or willing to do

I'll give you a lift. 我用車順便送你一下。
Ask Gabriela if she'll take them. 問問伊安是否會帶上他們。
I've asked her but she won't come. 我問過她了,可她不願來。
The car won't start. 汽車發動不了。
This lasagne will feed six people. 這些義大利千層麵夠六個人吃。

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will modal verb (REQUEST)

A2 used to ask someone to do something

Will you give me her address? 你能不能給我她的地址?
Will you give that to Tony when you see him, please? 你能不能在見到托尼的時候,把這個轉交給他?

also 'll used as a polite way of inviting someone to do something, or of offering someone something

Will you join us for a cup of coffee, Evie? 要不要來喝一杯,埃薇?
Will you come in for a while? 進來一會兒好嗎?
You'll have some cake, won't you, Charlie? 查理斯,你要不要吃些蛋糕?

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will modal verb (IF)

A2 also 'll used in conditional sentences with 'if'

(用於以 if 開頭的條件句中)
If he's late again, I'll be very angry. 要是他再遲到的話,我會很生氣。
I'll wait with Christopher if his mother isn't here when you go. 你走的時候,如果克裡斯多福的媽媽還不來的話,我就陪他一起等。

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will modal verb (LIKELY)

also 'll used to refer to what is likely

That'll be Scott at the door. 敲門的可能是斯科特。
That'll be his mother with him. 可能是他媽媽和他在一起。
As you all will know, election day is next week. 你們可能已經全都知道了,選舉定在下星期。

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will modal verb (ORDER)

also 'll used when angry to tell someone to do something

Will you stop being such a pain! 你能不能別那麼討厭!
You'll go upstairs and you'll go straight to bed like your father told you! 你應該聽你爸爸的話,上樓睡覺去。

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will modal verb (ALWAYS)

also 'll used when referring to something that always or usually happens

Accidents will happen. 事故總是會發生的。
Fruit will keep longer in the fridge. 水果放在冰箱裡保存的時間會更長。
The product with the better-known brand name will always sell better. 名牌商品的銷量總會好一些。
She's 85 now, but she will insist on doing all her own housework. 她已經85歲了,但她還是一直堅持自己做家務。

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uk /wɪl/ us /wɪl/

will noun (MENTAL POWER)

B2 [ C or U ] the mental power used to control and direct your thoughts and actions, or a determination to do something, despite any difficulties or opposition

From an early age she had a very strong will. 從很小時起,她就有堅強的意志。
[ + to infinitive ] After six months in hospital she began to lose the will to live (= the desire and determination to stay alive). 住院六個月後,她開始失去活下去的勇氣。

C1 [ S ] what someone wants to happen

It was God's will. 這是上帝的意願。
Against their will (= although they did not want to), they were forced to hand over the money. 他們被迫違背自己的意願,召開了一次會議。
The government has failed to impose its will upon regional communities (= to make them do as it wants). 政府沒能將自己的意願強加給地方。
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will noun (DOCUMENT)

C2 [ C ] an official statement of what a person has decided should be done with their money and property after their death

Have you made a will yet? 你立遺囑了嗎?
She left me some money in her will. 她在遺囑中留給我一些錢。

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uk /wɪl/ us /wɪl/

will verb (MAKE HAPPEN)

[ + obj + to infinitive ] If you will something to happen, you try to make it happen by the power of your thoughts.

She willed herself to remember his name. 她努力記住他的名字。

[ I or T ] formal to want something

Stay or go, as you will. 留還是走,隨你自己選。

will verb (LEAVE)

[ T ] to arrange to give money or property to others after your death


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