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winenoun [ C or U ]

uk /waɪn/ us /waɪn/

A1 an alcoholic drink that is usually made from grapes, but can also be made from other fruits or flowers. It is made by fermenting the fruit with water and sugar

a wine cellar/connoisseur/cooler/glass 酒窖/酒鑒賞家/鎮酒冰杯/玻璃酒杯
red/white/dry/sweet/sparkling/table wine 紅/白/無甜味的/甜/有汽的/佐餐葡萄酒
Let's have a bottle/glass of wine with dinner. 我們晚餐喝一瓶/杯葡萄酒好嗎?
I love Australian wines, especially the white wines. 我喜歡澳大利亞葡萄酒,特別是白葡萄酒。
Would you like to see the wine list, sir? 先生,您要不要看一下酒單?

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uk /waɪn/ us /waɪn/
wine and dine sb

to entertain someone by giving them food and drinks

The survey concludes that most women like to be wined and dined on the first few dates. 調查得出結論:大多數女性在最初的幾次約會喜歡去餐館大吃大喝。

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