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uk /waɪər/ us /waɪr/

wire noun (METAL THREAD)

B2 [ C or U ] a piece of thin metal thread that can be bent, used for fastening things and for making particular types of objects that are strong but can bend

a wire fence 金屬線柵欄

B2 [ C ] (a piece of) thin metal thread with a layer of plastic around it, used for carrying electric current

Someone had cut the phone wires. 有人切斷了電話線。
Don't touch those wires whatever you do. 無論如何都別碰那些導線。
the wire

UK the wire fence around a prison or prison camp

During the war he spent three years behind the wire (= in prison). 戰爭期間他蹲了三年監獄。

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wire noun (MESSAGE)

[ C ] US informal a telegram


wireverb [ T ]

uk /waɪər/ us /waɪr/

wire verb [ T ] (METAL THREAD)

to fasten two things together using wire

She had her jaws wired together so that she wouldn't be able to eat. 她把上下頜用金屬絲捆在一起,這樣就不能吃東西了。

also wire up to connect a piece of electrical equipment with wires so that it will work

The stereo wasn't working because it hadn't been wired up correctly. 立體聲音響不響了,因為電線沒有接好。
Nearly one home in ten across the country is wired up to receive TV via cable. 該國有近十分之一的家庭透過電纜接收電視訊號。

wire verb [ T ] (SEND MESSAGE)

to send money using an electrical communication system

The insurance company wired millions of dollars to its accounts to cover the payments. 保險公司向其帳戶裡電匯了幾百萬美元以支付該款項。
[ + two objects ] Luckily my father wired me two hundred bucks. 幸運的是,爸爸電匯給我200美元。

mainly US in the past, to send someone a telegram

Janet wired me to say she'd be here a day later than planned. 珍妮特發電報給我,說她要比計劃晚一天到這裡。

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