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uk /wɪʃ/ us /wɪʃ/

wish verb (FEEL SORRY)

B1 [ I + (that) ] used with the past simple to express that you feel sorry or sad about a state or situation that exists at the moment

I wish (that) I was/were a bit taller. 我個子再高一點就好了。
I wish (that) you were coming with me, Peter. 彼得,你要是和我一起去就好了。

B1 [ I + (that) ] used with the past perfect to express that you feel sorry or sad about a particular action in the past

I wish (that) I hadn't eaten so much. 我真希望自己沒吃那麼多。
I bet she wishes (that) she'd never got involved in the whole mess. 我敢打賭她希望自己從未捲入整個事件裡去。

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wish verb (WANT)

B2 [ I or T ] formal to want to do something

As you wish, Sir. It will be done.
[ + to infinitive ] I wish to make a complaint. 我想投訴。
Passengers wishing to take the Kings Cross train should board now. 去往國王十字車站的乘客請到九號月臺乘車。
I don't wish to worry you but he did say he'd be back by midnight. 我不想令你擔心,但他確實說過午夜之前會回來。
[ + obj + adj ] Sometimes I was so depressed that I wished myself dead. 有時我特別消沉,甚至希望自己死了。
I wish (that)...

used to express anger at someone's behaviour

I wish she'd shut up for a minute and let someone else talk. 我希望她能閉一會兒嘴,讓其他人來說。
I wish you'd look at me when I'm trying to talk to you! 我希望在我跟你說話時,你能看著我!

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wish verb (HOPE)

B1 [ T + two objects ] to hope or express hope for another person's success or happiness or pleasure on a particular occasion

We wish you every success in the future. 我們祝願你將來事事成功。
I didn't even see her to wish her a happy birthday/wish a happy birthday to her. 我甚至沒能見到她,當面祝福她生日快樂。
I wished her a safe journey and waved her off. 我祝她旅途平安,並與她揮手道別。
wish sb well

to hope someone will succeed

I wished him well with his new venture. 我祝他的新企業成功。

wish verb (MAGIC)

[ I or T ] to hope that something you want will be made real because of good luck or magical powers

[ + that ] I remember blowing out the candles on my birthday cake and wishing that John Lee would be my boyfriend. 我記得吹滅生日蛋糕上的蠟燭,並默默希望約翰.李能成為我的男朋友。
If I could wish myself anywhere in the world (= go anywhere as a result of making a wish) right now it would be somewhere hot and sunny. 如果現在我想去甚麼地方就能去甚麼地方的話,我希望去一個暖風撲面陽光明媚的地方。
He's funny, bright, handsome - everything a girl could wish for really. 他幽默、聰明而又英俊——擁有一個女孩子真正希望的一切。
"Your job must be very glamorous." "I wish!" (= not at all.) 「你的工作一定非常有意思。」「我倒希望是那樣!」
"By the time I'm 40, I'll be rich." "You wish!" (= There is no chance of that happening.) 「到了40歲的時候,我就會富得不需要工作了。」「你想得美!」

wishnoun [ C ]

uk /wɪʃ/ us /wɪʃ/

wish noun [ C ] (WANT)

B2 a feeling of wanting something

[ + to infinitive ] Did he express any wish to see me? 他表達了想見我的願望嗎?
In accordance with his wishes (= what he wanted), he was buried next to his wife. 依照他的意願,把他葬在妻子的旁邊。
They've deliberately gone against my wishes and sold the house. 他們故意違背我的意願,把公寓賣了。
[ + that ] It was grandpa's greatest wish that one of his grandchildren would become a doctor. 爺爺最大的願望就是有個孫子或孫女成為醫生。

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wish noun [ C ] (GREETING)


A2 something you say or write at the end of a letter, etc. to show that you hope someone is happy and has good luck

He ended the letter "Best wishes, Carlo". 他用「祝好,卡洛」結束了那封信。
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 祝你早日康復。
With best wishes, Louise Foster. 把最誠摯的祝福送給你,路易絲‧福斯特。
When you see Joyce, please give her my good wishes.

wish noun [ C ] (MAGIC)

C2 a hope that is made real with magical powers

[ + that ] If I could have just one wish I suppose it would be that all the fighting in the world would stop tomorrow. 如果我只有一個願望可以實現,那我希望世界上所有的戰爭明天都停止。
Close your eyes and make a wish. 閉上眼睛許一個願。
It's that part of the story where the fairy grants the little girl three wishes. 故事裡的那個片斷中,仙女答應實現小女孩的三個願望。
May all your wishes come true. 祝你所有心願都成真。

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