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uk /ˈwʌr.i/ us /ˈwɝː.i/

worry verb (PROBLEM)

A2 [ I ] to think about problems or unpleasant things that might happen in a way that makes you feel unhappy and frightened

Try not to worry - there's nothing you can do to change the situation. 別發愁了——你沒法改變這種局面。
Don't worry, she'll be all right. 別擔心,她會沒事的。
It's silly worrying about things which are outside your control. 為自己無法掌控的事發愁是很愚蠢的。
[ + (that) ] She's worried (that) she might not be able to find another job. 她擔心自己無法再找到一份工作。

B2 [ T ] to make someone feel unhappy and frightened because of problems or unpleasant things that might happen

You worried your mother by not writing. 你沒有寫信,這令你媽媽很擔心。
[ + that ] It worries me that he hasn't phoned yet. 他還沒有打電話,這令我有些擔憂。
The continued lack of rain is starting to worry people. 持續少雨開始令人們擔憂起來。

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worry verb (ANIMAL)

[ T ] If a dog worries another animal, it chases and frightens it and might also bite it.

Any dog caught worrying sheep in these fields will be shot. 這些牧場裡只要發現有狗攻擊羊隻,狗就會被射殺。


uk /ˈwʌr.i/ us /ˈwɝː.i/

B1 [ C ] a problem that makes you feel unhappy and frightened

health/financial worries 健康/財務上的煩惱
Keeping warm in the winter is a major worry for many old people. 冬天如何保暖對很多老年人來說是一件令人擔憂的大事。

B2 [ C or U ] a feeling of being unhappy and frightened about something

Unemployment, bad health - all sorts of things can be a cause of worry. 失業、健康狀況不佳——各種各樣的事都可能會產生煩惱。
It was clear that Anna had no worries about her husband's attempts to flirt. 非常明顯,安娜對她丈夫幾次想與人調情並不感到憂慮。

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