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uk /ˈwɜː.ði/ us /ˈwɝː.ði/

worthy adjective (DESERVING RESPECT)

C1 formal deserving respect, admiration, or support

He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through Congress, however worthy it is. 無論他的提案多麼有價值,他也不可能使其在國會上通過。
Every year she makes a large donation to a worthy cause. 她每年都為一項高尚的事業捐一大筆錢。
worthy of attention, notice, etc. C2 formal

deserving to be given attention, noticed, etc.

Two points in this report are especially worthy of notice. 這份報告中有兩點特別值得注意。

formal Something that is worthy is not very interesting but should be admired for its good and useful qualities.

a worthy book 有價值的書

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worthy adjective (SUITABLE)

worthy of sth

suitable for or characteristic of something

He threw a party worthy of a millionaire. 他舉辦了一場典型的百萬富翁式的聚會。

worthynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈwɜː.ði/ us /ˈwɝː.ði/ humorous

a person who is important, especially in a small town

The front row of chairs was reserved for local worthies. 前面的一排椅子是為當地的要人預留。


uk / -wɜː.ði/ us / -wɝː.ði/

suitable or deserving to receive a particular thing

trustworthy 值得信任的
creditworthy 有信用的
newsworthy 有新聞價值的

used to describe a boat, aircraft, or vehicle that is suitable to be used safely in a particular substance or environment

seaworthy 適於航海的
roadworthy 適於路上行駛的

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