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uk /ˈrɪɡ.əl/ us /ˈrɪɡ.əl/

[ I or T ] to twist your body, or move part of your body, with small, quick movements

A large worm wriggled in the freshly dug earth. 一條大蟲子在新翻過的地裡蠕動。
Baby Martha was wriggling her toes in the sand. 嬰兒瑪莎正在沙子中扭動著腳趾。

[ I + adv/prep ] to move somewhere using short, quick twisting movements

The tunnel was low and dark, but she managed to wriggle through to the other side. 地道又低又暗,但她還是設法爬到了另一端。
After twisting and turning for a while, he managed to wriggle free. 一陣扭動之後,他設法掙脫了出來。

Phrasal verb(s)

wrigglenoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˈrɪɡ.əl/ us /ˈrɪɡ.əl/

an act of wriggling

With a wriggle, she managed to crawl through the gap. 她身子一扭,設法爬過了縫隙。

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