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uk /jet/ us /jet/

yet adverb (UNTIL NOW)

A2 still; until the present time

I haven't spoken to her yet. 我還沒和她談過。
He hasn't finished yet. 他還沒完成。
"Are you ready?" "Not yet - wait a minute." 「你準備好了嗎?」「還沒有──稍等。」
the best, worst, etc. yet

B2 the best, worst, etc. until now

Of all the songs I've heard tonight, that's the best yet. 在我今晚聽到的所有歌中,那首是最好的。
as yet C1 formal

until and including this time

We haven't needed extra staff as yet, but we may in the future. 到目前為止,我們尚不需要增加員工,但將來也許會需要。
No ambulances had as yet managed to get across the river. 到目前為止還沒有救護車順利過河。

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yet adverb (IN THE FUTURE)

C1 from now and for a particular period of time in the future

She won't be back for a long time yet. 她很長一段時間都不會回來的。
Our holiday isn't for weeks yet. 我們的假期還遠著呢。
have yet to

C2 If you have yet to do something, you have not done it.

They have yet to make a decision. 他們還沒有作出決定。

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yet adverb (EVEN NOW)

C2 even at this stage or time

We could yet succeed - you never know. 我們仍然有可能成功——沒人能夠預測未來。
You might yet prove me wrong. 你也許還會證明我是錯的。
He may win yet. 他仍有可能勝出。

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yet adverb (MORE)

B2 used to add emphasis to words such as another and again, especially to show an increase in amount or the number of times something happens

再,還(用於強調 another 或 again 之類的詞,尤指數量增加或某事發生頻繁)
Rachel bought yet another pair of shoes to add to her collection. 雷切爾已經有那麼多鞋,居然又買了一雙。
I'm sorry to bother you yet again. 我很抱歉又來麻煩你。
He's given us yet more work to do. 他又給我們安排了很多工作。

yetadverb, conjunction

uk /jet/ us /jet/

B1 (and) despite that; used to add something that seems surprising because of what you have just said

simple yet effective 簡單而又高效率
He's overweight and bald, (and) yet somehow, he's attractive. 他肥胖且禿頭,然而不知為何卻很有魅力。

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