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uk strong /jɔːr/ weak /r/ us /jʊr/ //


A1 belonging or relating to the person or group of people being spoken or written to

Is this your bag? 這是你的袋子嗎?
It's not your fault. 這不是你的錯。
Your mother is driving me crazy. 你母親快把我逼瘋了。
What's your problem? 你怎麼了?

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your determiner (PEOPLE GENERALLY)

B1 belonging or relating to people generally

Of course you want the best for your children. 當然人人都希望給自己的孩子們最好的。
Garlic is good for your blood. 大蒜對血液有益。

informal said before a typical example of something is given

This isn't your usual science fiction novel, but then Brinkworth isn't exactly your typical author. 這並非我們常說的科幻小說,而布林克沃思也不完全是我們說的那種典型作家。

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