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uk /jɔːz/ us /jʊrz/


A2 the one(s) belonging to or connected with the person or group of people being spoken or written to

Is this pen yours? 這支鋼筆是你的嗎?
Unfortunately my legs aren't as long as yours. 可惜我的腿不如你的長。
I've got something of yours (= that belongs to you). 我有一些你的東西。
Yours is the room on the top floor, on the left.

B1 used at the beginning of some phrases written at the end of a letter, before giving a name

Yours, Jack 你的,傑克
Yours faithfully/sincerely, K. Maxwell. 你忠實的/真誠的,K.馬克斯韋爾。

More examples

yours pronoun (PEOPLE GENERALLY)

used to show that something belongs to or is connected with people generally

Other people's children always seem to be better behaved than yours. 別人的孩子總是看起來比自己的更乖。


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