Translation of "actual" - English-French dictionary


adjectiveactual /ˈæktʃuəl/ (always before n)
real or not guessed
réel/-elle , véritable

The actual size is a lot bigger.
Sa taille réelle est beaucoup plus grande.

It's the actual painting, not a fake.
C'est le tableau original, pas un faux.
; see also current

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adjective /ˈӕktʃuəl/

real; existing; not imaginary

What was the actual reason for the delay?
In actual fact he is not as stupid as you think he is.
actuality /-ˈӕ-/ noun

(a) reality

We have to accept the actuality of the situation.
actually adverb


She actually saw the accident happen.

in fact

en fait
Actually, I’m doing something else this evening.

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