Translation of "advance" - English-French dictionary


nounadvance /ædˈvæns, -ˈvɑns/
countable a change toward sth better
progrès masculine

advances in medicine
les progrès de la médecine
in advance
before sth happens
à l'avance

We were not told in advance.
On ne nous a rien dit à l'avance.
countable ≠retreat; a movement forward to a new place
avance feminine

the army's advance into enemy territory
l'avancée de l'armée en territoire ennemi


verb advance /ædˈvæns, -ˈvɑns/
intransitive ≠retreat; to move forward

armies advancing toward each other
des armées avançant l'une vers l'autre
transitive-intransitive to progress to a higher level
(faire) avancer/progresser

She worked hard to advance her career.
Elle travaillait dur pour faire progresser sa carrière.

the teams that will advance to the next round of the competition
les équipes qui se qualifieront pour la prochaine rencontre de la compétition


adjectiveadvance /ædˈvæns, -ˈvɑns/ (always before n)
done or happening before
à l'avance

an attack without any advance warning
une attaque sans sommation

an advance notice of price increases
une notification préalable de la hausse des prix

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verb /ədˈvaːns/

to move forward

(faire) avancer
The army advanced towards the town
Our plans are advancing well
He married the boss’s daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.

to supply (someone) with (money) on credit

The bank will advance you $500.
advanced adjective

having made a lot of progress; at a high level

an advanced computer course
The patient was in the advanced stages of the illness.
in advance


Can you pay me in advance?

in front

en éclaireur
A group of soldiers had been sent on in advance (of the main force).



a payment made before the normal time

Can I have an advance on my salary?

(usually in plural ) an attempt at (especially sexual) seduction.

She rejected his advances.



made beforehand

à l’avance
an advance booking.

sent ahead of the main group or force

the advance guard.

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