Translation of "age" - English-French dictionary


noun age /eɪdʒ/
countable-uncountable the number of years sb or sth has lived or existed
âge masculine

died at the age of 88
est décédé à l'âge de 88 ans

starting school at age 4
commençant l'école à l'âge de 4 ans

children of all ages
des enfants de tous âges

determining the age of the dinosaur bones
déterminant l'âge des ossements du dinosaure
for sb's age
compared to others of the same age
pour son âge

She's tall for her age.
Elle est grande pour son âge.
age group
the people within a range of ages
tranche feminine d'âge

children in the 1-4 age group
les enfants dans la tranche d'âge des 1 à 4 ans
age limit
the age before or after which you cannot do sth
limite feminine d'âge

the age limit for drinking alcohol
la limite d'âge pour boire de l'alcool
countable-uncountable time in life when you can do sth
âge masculine

young people who have reached voting age
les jeunes gens qui ont atteint l'âge de voter
countable period of history
âge masculine , époque feminine

the Golden Age of Ancient Greece
l'âge d'or de la Gréce antique

in this age of mobile electronics
à cette époque de l'électronique mobile


verb intransitive age /eɪdʒ/
to become or look older

She had aged noticeably since then.
Elle avait visiblement vieilli depuis lors.

as the population ages
tandis que la population vieillit
; see also aging

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noun /eidʒ/

the amount of time during which a person or thing has existed

He went to school at the age of six (years)
What age is she?

(often with capital) a particular period of time

époque, âge
This machine was the wonder of the age
the Middle Ages.

the quality of being old

This wine will improve with age
With the wisdom of age, he regretted the mistakes he had made in his youth.

(usually in plural) a very long time

We’ve been waiting (for) ages for a bus.
aged adjective

/ˈeidʒid/ old

an aged man.

/eidʒd/ of the age of

âgé de
a child aged five.
ageless adjective

never growing old or never looking older

sans âge
The sculpture has an ageless beauty.
age-old adjective

done, known etc for a very long time

an age-old custom.
the aged /ˈeidʒid/

old people

gens âgés
Tim works for a charity that helps the aged.
(come) of age

(to become) old enough to be considered legally an adult (eg in Britain aged eighteen or over).

atteindre sa majorité
When he comes of age, he’s going to get married.

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