Translation of "aim" - English-French dictionary


verbaim /eɪm/
transitive-intransitive to point a weapon in a particular direction
pointer sur , viser

He aimed the gun at the window.
Il a braqué l'arme sur la fenêtre.

The officer aimed low.
L'officier a visé bas.
intransitive informal =intend; to have as a purpose
aspirer à , ambitionner de

The company aims to earn 5% more next year.
La société ambitionne de gagner 5% de plus l'année prochaine.
aimed at sb
intended for sb
à destination de

ads aimed at seniors
des annonces destinées aux cadres


noun aim /eɪm/
countable =goal; sth you want to achieve
but masculine , objectif masculine

our aims for the coming semester
nos objectifs pour le semestre à venir

started with the aim of solving the crisis
a commencé avec l'objectif de résoudre la crise
uncountable the ability to hit what you aim at
visée feminine

My aim was bad.
J'ai mal visé.
take aim
to point a weapon at

He took aim at the deer.
Il a visé le cerf.

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verb /eim/

(usually with at, for) to point or direct something at; to try to hit or reach etc

He picked up the rifle and aimed it at the target.

(with to, at) to plan, intend or to have as one’s purpose

viser à
He aims at finishing tomorrow
We aim to please our customers.
aimless adjective

without purpose

sans ambition
He felt that he was leading an aimless life.
aimlessly adverb

sans but
aimlessness noun

manque d’ambition
take aim

to aim

He took aim at the target.



what a person intends to do

His aim is to become a doctor.

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